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Child Safe Canada Course List

“A listing of Child Safe Canada safety training programs.”

Adult First Aid and Parenting     
Child Safe Canada is proud to be the leader in first aid for parents, child care, day-home and social workers as well as school teachers throughout Western Canada! We care, and it shows in everything we do!
 Child Care First Aid Course

Child Care First Aid is a course designed for people who care for children: parents, nannies, teachers and home-care providers. In Alberta this course is the requirement for day-care and day-home work...

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 Child Care First Aid Recertification

This recert is only for individuals requiring a recertification- must present current Child Care First Aid certification card. This recert class is a required standard with Alberta Family and Social S...

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 Emergency First-Aid

This course is designed to help you feel more comfortable in emergency situations. You will learn how to think, react, and improvise when dealing with time priorities. Upon completion, you will be pre...

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 Standard First Aid

This program is designed to help you learn simple techniques for First Aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Also learn safety and healthy lifestyle choices which are key to illness and injury ...

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 Standard First Aid Recertification

This is a recertification course required by individuals that hold a current Standard First Aid certification from a first aid training agency. Includes CPR C Basic Rescuer Please bring a copy of y...

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 BLENDED Learning Standard First Aid

What Is Blended Learning? Ideal for organizations/individuals that are looking to maximize learning while reducing time in the classroom.The blended learning option provides greater convenience for...

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