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Safety Tips and Alerts

“Child Safe Canada's Tips and Alerts to keep your children SAFE!”

Child Safe Canada knows the importance of information when it comes to the safety of your family. Trust Child safe Canada to provide you with quality safety information pertaining to all aspects of childhood safety. This page is filled with valuable information to aid in your family's daily safety.

Abduction Prevention Tips

Vehicles — Never approach vehicles. In fact, if ever approached by a vehicle, RUN in the opposite direction that the vehicle is traveling and tell an adult.

Names — No visible names on outerwear or backpacks.

It's OK to yell — If someone grabs your child, they should hit, kick,and yell as loudly as possible.

Password — Use a password that is easy for your children to remember, so that if you must send a friend of family member to pick them up, they will know it's safe because that person has the password.

Emergency numbers — Remind children that in an emergency, they can dial 911 or 0 from a phone booth, without any money.

Safety in numbers — Children should always travel in groups of 2 or more. Always take the same route and check in when you arrive home, if necessary.

Teach more than once — Start young, teach them again and again – and practice dangerous situations, modifying and adjusting to fit their growing understanding.

Trust your instincts — If someone doesn't make you feel safe, it's OK to run away and tell an adult you trust.

Adults don't ask children for help — So if someone does, it's a sign of danger. Run, and tell an adult you trust.

People with bad intentions don't always look like bad people — Dangerous people can look friendly. You know they aren't good people if you feel badly when you're with them. Again, trust your instincts.

Strangers — Don't teach your children to fear strangers, teach them to fear strangeness. If we teach our children never to talk to strangers, who will they go to in case of an emergency?

Secrets — If someone tells you to keep a secret from your mom or your dad, don't do it! Tell your parents right away. That's a big sign of danger.

Ask first — Don't go anywhere, with anyone, without your parents permission.

Lost in a store — If you get lost in a store you can ask for help from a person in uniform who works for the store, or you can go to the till, or find a woman – especially a woman with a child – and ask for help). Don't ever leave the store with anyone, even with the woman or someone else in a uniform.